History of the Foundation

In January 2006, the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Heart to Heart was established in Ukraine. Its founders (young people) set a goal – saving the lives and health of children and restoring public trust in charity organizations through transparency, simplicity, comprehensive monitoring and public reporting.

On September 24, the Foundation had already held an all-Ukrainian charity event “Listen everyone!” in order to raise funds for the implementation of the “Program for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with hearing impairments.”

The idea of ​​the Event was borrowed from the extremely successful Polish Charitable Foundation “The Grand Orchestra of Festive Aid”, which has been holding such events for 30 years in a row and enjoys great trust and popularity.

These days are held there as national holidays, accompanied by various entertainment events, concerts, so that people feel that helping others is not only pleasant but also joyful.

The All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Heart to Heart” enlisted the support of “The Grand Orchestra” after an internship, learning experience and a desire to recreate the holiday of help, which would become the first such event in Ukraine. The event, which is a public fundraising for the purchase of medical equipment, is held annually in the spring, the only difference is that every year a new topic is chosen from the field of pediatrics. Fundraising is carried out by volunteers, who must have specially made boxes for collecting money (with certain security features) and badges (with a personal photo, stamped with the seal of the Foundation, and the same serial number as on the box) with the symbols of the Foundation that prevents fraud. Volunteers stick a bright heart – a sticker with a symbolic smiley of the Foundation, to everyone who donates money into the box, and by the end of the day everyone will see how many people joined the Event to give help to children.

For greater transparency and the development of trust, the funds collected by volunteers are counted by bank employees and immediately transferred to the Foundation’s account (for this purpose on the day of the Event in cities – regional centers branches of this bank are open for volunteers). The total amount of funds raised on this account is widely covered in the media and available on the Foundation’s website.

Representatives of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Heart to Heart” publicly state that the entire amount is spent exclusively on the implementation of the Program, despite the fact that the law allows charitable foundations to spend a certain percentage of the funds they raise for their own needs. This means that not a single penny of the money collected during the Promotion was taken to cover expenses that are not related to the approved Program. According to young enthusiasts, this is done specifically to ensure that everyone who gives their money, even small amounts, to help children is sure that every penny will go to achieve the stated goal. Purchased medical equipment is marked with bar codes and transferred to children’s medical institutions for free use with the main condition that it will be used for all children’s treatment free of charge.

The list of all equipment and addresses of children’s medical institutions where the equipment is located is widely available on the Foundation’s website and in the media. And in the hospitals, citizens can easily identify the equipment purchased by the Foundation by bright stickers – logos and, accordingly, demand free service for their children.