War period

Heart to Heart”“ foundation created a medical logistics and coordination center

On February 24, Russian missiles stopped the annual spring fundraising which was to help hearing-impaired children.

But we were lucky! Our friends and partners from abroad became more active, and we managed to organize a headquarters for the deployment of humanitarian aid in Uzhhorod, as in one of the safe cities of Ukraine.

Dozens of volunteers of theHeart to Heartfoundation sort and send tons of medicines, food products, hygiene products, clothes and other essential goods to hot spots almost 24 hours a day.

In addition, we try to take care of every region of Ukraine where there is a need for humanitarian aid. In general, it is possible to form and send up to 30 cargoes per day.

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In 40 days, we implemented:

  • 350 officially issued applications that had letters or approvals in all parts of our country.
  • About 200 applications were closed spontaneously when there was no time to wait
  • 13 large cars transited to Kharkiv, Kyiv, Kostopil, Zhytomyr, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia, some were reloaded into carriages.
  • About 400 shipments were made from the next warehouse of the fund, where volunteers courageously endured the cold and worked to provide and support our people who needed help with everything necessary.

Forced guests of Zakarpattia, volunteers of the train station, schools, territorial centers, municipalties, and all people who turned to us as a free pharmacy received great support from our warehouses and medical center.

We are very pleased with the trust that our partners and friends from other countries have shown in Ukraine and the “HEART TO HEART” foundation. This is our merit, friends, this is our honesty before ourselves, our people and God.

We thank all our active volunteers, regional representatives, patrons and our defenders! We believe in victory, we bring it closer every day, all together!

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Daily relevant information is updated on our page Facebook.

We invite you to join the collection of humanitarian aid and spread information about the need for aid.

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