At the beginning of February, we announced the start of the 17th All-Ukrainian action "Heart to Heart" under the slogan "World, hear us"

An all-Ukrainian fundraising effort was planned for the purchase and transfer of diagnostic and treatment equipment for children with hearing impairments to children’s hospitals in the country.

Usually, the campaign has clearly defined terms of fundraising, a clear list of necessary equipment, the purchase of which takes place in accordance with the amount of funds collected in each region of Ukraine.

We are now opening an open-ended fundraiser to meet the needs of the population of Ukraine, which is currently at war. Funds will be spent on needs, in accordance with the foundation’s statutory activitiesmedical equipment and facilities, medical supplies, medical supplies, consumablesю

At the moment, the All-Ukrainian Charitable FundHeart to Heartmedical and logistics center operates in the city of Uzhhorod, which daily accepts applications for humanitarian aid from all over Ukraine.

During the entire period of hostilities, it was possible to accept and process about 500 applications for humanitarian aid, and tons of medicines, food products, hygiene products, clothes and other essential items were sent to hot spots of the country.

Collection of funds to help Ukraine has been announced throughout the territory of our country, and we are also actively working to attract funds from other countries.

During the 16 years of the fund’s activity, 46,024,979.10 UAH were collected by joint efforts, with which medical equipment was purchased and transferred for free use to territorial medical associations of each region of Ukraine.

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